Warhol at Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges has a lovely Andy Warhol exhibit right now called Warhol’s Nature. The pieces in the collection mainly hail from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and focus on his love of nature, which might be surprising to some. We are so used to seeing his more pop culture-centric works that, often, many people aren’t familiar with the works shown within this collection.


A Visit to the ADG Newspaper Press

Today I got a chance to tour the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s press facility. I had gone once on a field trip in elementary school in the early ’90s, but it was nice to go back as an adult who knows a hell of a lot more about printing now.


Interview with Illustrator Charlene Chua


Yesterday, I was catching up on the recent work of some of my favorite illustrators. I was looking at the recent posts of Canadian illustrator Charlene Chua when I remembered that I had interviewed her just over four years ago!